Rodindoi phanglimata mashkar Rromani kultura hai e niva tolmachimaski
<i>International Terminology in Romani Language</i>
International Terminology in Romani Language

The powerpoint presentation by Hristo Kyuchukov (University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) on "International Terminology in Romani Language" is accessible online in English.


Roma are bilinguals and multilinguals- they speak at least 2 Romani dialects and the official language of the country as well as some of the international languages as English, Spanish, French or German.


Methodology: Analyzes [...] documents from international meetings written in standard Romani. Special attention is paid to English-root terminology, and trends for creation of new terminology in Romani are observed.


These types of terminologies are effective and they are used by interpreters during international meetings at CE and EU, in publications by international organizations, in school textbooks and academic books and dictionaries.[...]


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