Exploring ties between Romani culture and the field of translation

Translation Romani has decided to maintain use of the word Romani in all language versions of this website, inclusively and in reference both to the language and people of all the diverse ethnic communities throughout the world, i.e. Roma, Sinti, Manuš, Calé, Romanichal, Kalé, and many others. Please read the important notes from our translators for explanations and other translations currently in use locally, nationally or regionally.

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Reviews of literature, essays, films, documentaries, artistic works, pedagogical materials and websites, as well as their translations, are important for all cultures. They offer insight into diverse forms of cultural production and their historical trajectories, and serve to critically analyze and evaluate works in local, regional and global contexts. Join us here to read some of the published reviews of Romani authored works and their translations, and let us know of any others you find!

Film reviews: Liberté (Tony Gatlif)
Documentary Film Review: A People Uncounted
Fiction littéraire tsigane --- Cécile Kovacshazy
Literatura: Jorge Emilio Nedich
Music review: GRUBB in Montreal
Book review: Gypsy Law: Romani Legal Traditions and Culture
Translation Romani