Exploring ties between Romani culture and the field of translation

Translation Romani has decided to maintain use of the word Romani in all language versions of this website, inclusively and in reference both to the language and people of all the diverse ethnic communities throughout the world, i.e. Roma, Sinti, Manuš, Calé, Romanichal, Kalé, and many others. Please read the important notes from our translators for explanations and other translations currently in use locally, nationally or regionally.

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<i>Roma Translation Project</i>
Roma Translation Project

The Center for Publishing Development/OSI (Budapest, Hungary) provides a list of titles initially recommended for translation within the structure of the Roma Translation Project. The project was subsequently transferred to the Next Page Foundation. The program for support of publications in the Romani language published online shows the translation activities that transpired between 2000 and 2007.

Countries involved: Albania, Bulgaria, Russia, Kosovo, Belarus, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

Languages of translation and publication: Romani, English, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian.

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