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Documentary Film Review: A People Uncounted

A People Uncounted premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival in August 2011. The English language newspaper The Gazette reviewed the film. The review, written by film critic T'cha Dunlevy can be found in its entirety here.


MONTREAL - Roma – or Gypsies, as they are often called – aren’t usually the first people who come to mind when one thinks of victims of the Holocaust. But it is impossible to overlook them after viewing Aaron Yeger’s profoundly moving documentary debut A People Uncounted.


More than 500,000 Roma were killed during the Holocaust, a small but significant number compared to the 6 million Jews who perished.

“Our ashes mingled in the ovens,” states a Romani proverb cited in the film.

That’s but a glimpse of the sobering and often heart-wrenching observations, facts and fictions about the Roma presented in A People Uncounted.


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